IELTS解答 ライティング 仕事の意味、モチベーション、働き方について (job, motivation)


People work because they need money to live. What are some other reasons that people work? Discuss one or more of these reasons and details to support your answer.

One of the very complex issues in today’s society is how people maintain their motivation to work. Although there are various reasons encouraging people to work, acknowledgement and professional passion are the two main reasons driving people to work hard. This will be proven by analyzing why volunteer groups, children and researchers sacrifice their free time for work.

Firstly, it is true that every individual retains a certain desire to be acknowledged by others. For example, Nobel Prize winners dedicated their life to their academic research in order to attain success and to be world renowned for the achievement. Furthermore, some children might help in doing household tasks to be praised or get acceptance from their parents. Therefore, these examples clearly support the idea that gaining positive recognition will help people to become motivated to work.

In addition to this, almost all people are looking for gusto in their work, which in turn leads to a greater degree of fulfillment in their life. For instance, many non-profit organizations volunteer for various activities such as being in company of elders, organizing church activities or removing rubble after natural disasters. Despite the hard work and no monetary compensation, they are satisified with the work. This is simply because they enjoy contributing to society, working with passionate people or learning new skills. Therefore, the strong motivational power of passion is clearly seen.

After analyzing how recognition and passion help people engage in their work, it is felt that people are not working only for money and these factors hold authority over the decisions and career directions of many people. It is considered that this work value is not expected to change anytime soon.